Sattva Yoga Sundays

john von promo

Adding to the dcpt project arsenal and belief that health and fitness is holistic. dcpt project and its members would like to
welcome John Von from Sattva Yoga AU to the Project

John has been practicing yoga since his early teens and last year completed his teacher training in Sattva Yoga.

Starting this Sunday at 10am. John will be taking a 60min Sattva Practice at dcpt project. So grab your mat throw a beanie on that bead hair and come in.

Sattva Yoga
The sequence is changed monthly to keep the practice fresh, inspirational and continually accessing all parts of the body and mind. We work with a 4 month cycle focusing on the front body, back body, side body, and strength body ensuring a well rounded and balanced approach to the practice of yoga. Sattva also incorporates the practice of pranayama (breathing). The breath is viewed as the connector between the physical and mental body, and a control and strengthening of breath will bring benefits not only physically but mentally too.