Non-negotiables !!!! are life

Non-negotiables are key.
A non-negotiable is a self imposed rule that you use to guide yourself through what ever facet of life you adhere it too.
They are black and white rules and they can easily simplify your training, diet, work and social life.

Examples that I use. (there are more than this)
Full range of motion in movements. (ie squats = hips to knee height, lunges = knee to ground, pushups = chest to etc etc)
Be active daily
listen to my body.
No meat
No artificial, colours, flavours preservative ( in any foods that I can read the label on)
No purchasing of; diary, processed sugars, food farmed internationally, desserts or sweets
Give myself 1 hour + of 100% me time each day
Only do things I want to do. ( this doesn’t mean be selfish, I help people all the time. I do though reserve the right to say no to things for reason that it is not something I want to be a part of)
Back your play ( my play ) If I chose to do it, I wanted to do it, I will therefore do it right!

(theres more but this will do)

Try starting with one or two Non-negotiables and see how it affects your decision making