Control only what you can

Take Control of What you can and Tell the rest to Fuck Off
(quietly under your breath like you don’t care)

Often we feel out of control, overwhelmed with daily tasks and the result often ends up being we get none of them done.

1. Eat the frog (A quote by Mark Twain and a Brian Tracey Book if you are interested)

To simplify, to its utmost simplicity. Do the task that you don’t want to do first. If you have two frogs (tasks) to eat, eat the biggest one first.

2. Control only what you can control.
Have you ever been caught in traffic and felt your frustration increase because you are now running late. You get angry and annoyed. But why? What choice do you have? Is there another option? No! so calm the fuck down because you have no control over this situation.
What you do have control over is your nutrition, your sleep patterns (parents not always included) when you train etc etc. Take charge of these elements and don’t stress about the others.